25 Strategies To Boost Your Website Traffic

I thought I do share these strategies to increase traffic for your website. These are very high level steps I have mentioned here. You may need to Google for detailĀ  step-by-step procedure.

Strategy #1 – Design and Content Guidelines of your website

  1. When writing a blog post make sure the title of the post is appealing and make sense. That’s your first opportunity to make a first impression
  2. Offer a site map to your users with links
  3. Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links
  4. Create a unique useful information rich site
  5. Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it
  6. Use text instead of images to display important headlines. Search engines does not understand text in the image.

Strategy #2 – ALT Tag makes difference

  1. Make sure that your TITLE and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate
  2. Update Alt Tags especially for those graphics helps your website images get indexed in the Google image search

Strategy #3 – Use Favicon, Makes your Website Easily Visible to the User

Use a little favicon for your website. It makes huge difference in appealing to the visitors

Strategy #4 – Attract Targeted Visitors

It’s an Easy strategy. By submitting website URL to leading Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN your website will start showing up on search results.

Submit to Google: http://www.google.com/addurl/
Submit To Yahoo: http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit
Submit to MSN: http://www.bing.com/docs/submit.aspx

Strategy #5 – Submit to Leading Webmasters

Submit your sitemap.xml and feed to Google Webmaster, MSN Webmaster and Yahoo Site Explorer

Strategy #6 – Get One-way “Back-Links” from Leading Online Directories

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings & Improve Positioning by submitting your website URL to Link Directories (www.linkdirectory.com, DMOZ.org) or some other directory site, your website positioning will start moving up to the top of the search engine results page.

Strategy #7 – Boost Your Credibility With Articles

Submitting your article to leading articles directories to bring in traffic to your website like Yahoo Buzz and many more sites. Search engine robots will start crawling your

site when they visit the article site.

Strategy #8 – Let Other Know When You Update Your Site

Whenever you update content on your Blog, Ping other blogs and search engines to let them know you have updated your sites.

Strategy #9 – Divert Traffic From Other Blogs

Talk about your website on several high PR Blogs. It not only increases website traffic also you will get back-links which boost your website search engine rankings.

Strategy #10 – Comment on Other Blogs

You can also expect a decent amount of traffic by commenting on other Blogs. When writing comments to other blogs, you need to write something valuable to the post and add your website url in the signature.

Strategy #11 – Get Targeted Leads Using Forums

Participate on leading forums, your website will receive decent increase in traffic also you will get back-links leading to search engine rankings.

Strategy #12 – Distribute Your Website Content All Over The Internet

RSS feeds allow you to automatically distribute your website content to other people Blogs, Websites, Forums etc. Create an RSS feed for your website and post to various RSS Directories like Google Feedburner.

Strategy #13 – Tell Others About Your Site

Social Book Marking sites can get you a huge number of traffic. You should have great content to hit the front page. If you hit the front page of Digg, Netscape or del.icio.us you will have a nice time seeing visitors to your site.

Strategy #14 – Submit Your Webite to Leading Blogs Sites

Sites like Technorati, blograma, blogadda etc. sites are visited by many people everyday to see the new posts on blogs all over the internet. Submit your blog sites to these sites will increases your website traffic significantly.

Strategy #15 Build Your Own Group and Communities

Social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut allows you to start your own group and join groups started by others.By building your own groups of members who are interested in your topic would result in increasing traffic to your website.

Strategy #16 – Get One-Way Links from Wiki Sites

Search engines rank you higher if you are linked by authority sites such as Wikipedia. Contribute to such ‘wiki’ sites, by adding your website links to the related ‘External Links’ section of topic published.

Strategy #17 – Getting One-Way Backlinks from Other High PR Websites

You can ask other high PR website owners to link back to your site. However, you will be benefited from this technique if you get only one-way back links. you can get links to your website without setting up a reciprocal link back to the same site. You can add the reciprocal link to your another blog sites if you have multiple blogs.

Strategy #18 – Use Social Networking Sites

Websites like You Tube, MySpace, Facebook, orkut, Yahoo360 are used by thousands of visitors everyday.Create your profiles on leading Web2.0 sites and start adding your content, with links leading back to your primary website.

Strategy #19 – Publish your Website AD on other related sites

It would be beneficial to get an online AD account (ADWords) and get your site displayed on other related sites to get visitors targeted to your site.

Strategy #20 – Build Your Own Affiliates

If you are selling products online, get your own Affiliate Program. Affiliates reach a wide range of target visitor. Also your website is trusted by their subscribers.

Strategy #21 – Let The World Know About Your Site

If you are owning a big site. Write and submit your own “Press Release”. This is a proven way to attract new visitors to your website.

Strategy #22 – Use Multi-media to attract Visitors

If you are selling products online, Create short and simple audio and video clips about your product or services. Then publish your multi-media content on leading portals like YouTube, Google Videos etc.

Strategy #23 – Do Not participate in link schemes to increase site’s ranking

Avoid links to web spammers on the web as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links. Also Avoid any hidden text or hidden links in your website to increase high ranking.

Strategy #24 – Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

If visitor closes the browser or leaves your site from the landing page then bounce rate would increase for your website. Make sure your visitors are engaged on the landing page and visit other pages on your website. Add a related posts in the bottom of every post. This approach will reduce website bounce rate in some extent.

Strategy #25 – Block Your Favorite Website name in Twitter

Avoid someone else to pickup your Website name .

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