8 Easy Steps to Open a New Website or Blog Site (Part 1)

I thought I’d explain up my experience of creating website and share with everyone. I have complied it into 2 parts. Here is the part one…

Step 1: Decide content of your website

You need to decide your content of your website or the blog that your are going to open for the public. Based on your content you might choose a meaningful name which is easy to remember and easy to type on the browser. There are several categories, lets say if you are opening a website on humour you might give your website name something humorous.

Step 2: Decide the Domain Name (Your website name)

A domain name uniquely identifies your website which appears in the browser address bar  in a textual name in the form of www.xyz.com. You can have multiple website domain under your primary domain  which is called subdomains. i.e abc.xyz.com, where xyz is your primary domain. You can have any number of subdomains that can be created after you have the primary domain. However, changing primary domain is a tedious process and takes longer time. So deciding upon your primary domain name is very very important at the first place.

Try to keep your domain name short and easy to remember; be sure it’s both easy to remember and easy to type into a Web browser, “.com” are very popular. Also you can type just the website name in the address bar and pressing the key (Ctrl + Enter) together will add the http and .com to the website, makes it easier for the user. You can also have websites based on your country i.e .in extension for India.

Step 3: Register your domain name

Find a right A domain register, once you finalize on the domain name. There are many sites register domain name online through their website. Google it for “Top 10 Best web hosting” and visit their websites. You can type in your preferred domain name (xyz.com) to if it’s available or already taken by someone else. If available, you can proceed to book it and make the payment online. You will receive your user id and password for your domain also you’ll become the legal owner of that domain name.  Charges usually vary marginally from registrar to registrar and also depend on the extension chosen (.com, .org, .in, etc).  The couple of top domain register are GoDaddy, Justhost, Yahoo etc. There are time to time good deals are available, some host are offering upto 50% discounts on registration. However you need to read the bottom line before you can actually proceed to buy.

Step 4: Find a Right Host for your domain

Big web host companies like Justhost, Godaddy, Yahoo also provides the space where you will be uploading your website files. Such a server is called a Web Server. They have huge amounts of storage space to support a large number of customers, and a super-fast and always connected to the Internet.

You’ll have a separate folder on their server only accessible by you (usually /home/username). You then need to upload the web pages that you created earlier to your folder on their server (typically via FTP). This will make your content publicly accessible over the Internet, so anyone can view it anytime by visiting your website. If your website uses Database server then you need to also setup the database. MYSQL is a free and popular database is also provided by most of the leading webhost companies.

You must see if the host is providing the following features:

  • Amount of hosting space
  • Monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomain
  • Features offered (e.g. PHP/Perl, SQL, FTP access, Cron jobs, etc.)
  • Reliability (99.9% guaranteed uptime is the norm)
  • URL redirection
  • Path forwarding
  • Email forwarding
  • META tags support (needed for search engines to index your website)
  • Favicon support (it’s the tiny logo to the left of a URL in the address bar)
  • FTP Access
  • FREE Site Promotion
    • Google Ad Credits
    • Yahoo Ad Credits
    • Miva Ad Credits
  • e-Commerce Features (If you are planning to sell online)
  • Customer Support
    • Phone Support
    • Email Support
    • Video Tutorials
    • Extensive Knowledgebase
  • Web Design Technology
    • Dreamweaver Support
    • CMS Software
    • Choice of site builders

For most of the feature details click here (http://www.justhost.com/hosting-features)

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