Feedback On Spencer Daily Store, Somajiguda, Hyderabad

I have been going to Spencer for couple of months now as it is very close to my house. However, I have realized several issues at least 70% of the times I had been to Spencer.

The store address is : Raj Bhavan Road Daily, D.No 6-3-1073. Majestic Heights, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, 560082. TIN no: 28720168433

  • Billing systems produced wrong bill most of the time. The bar code scan doesn’t work. Price tag does not match the displayed price on the shelf.
  • Store stuff most of the time billed wrong quantity of product. Recently I bought one Cadbury 5 Star¬† F&N for rs 59. However, after I went home I noticed that I was billed for 2 quantities. I had to go back again to the store to explain it. I had to also buy other product for exchange. Does Spencer policy provides any penalty to their customer for mistakes done by the Spencer Store employees?
  • Most of the time store stuff forgets to give FREE gift that comes along with the product even after completing the billing. I end up going back to the store several times to for their mistakes.
  • Couple of times expired product are displayed. Which I bought and found out it has expired while using it. This happens even for the food products.
  • Sometimes the store comes up with buy one get one free (BOGO / 50% discount) offer on products that are either broken packages or the product has expired long time back.
  • The environment of the store is very congested and always it smells like stale. Once I reported to the store manager, he explained to me that, a kitten died on the ceiling that’s why smells are coming. However, after couple of months I still get the same smell once I’m in the store near the vegetable section.
  • Very often AC doesn’t work and becomes very very hot. It’s unbearable for their customers.¬† Are you listening ?
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