How to Import Chrome, IE, Firefox Bookmarks into Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmark is a great site to manage all your bookmarks which can be accessible from any computer. You can export all your Google Bookmarks to your local system as an HTML file. However, the question is how do I import all my Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, etc) bookmarks to my Google Bookmarks? Here are few easy steps to achieve it.

To Export your bookmarks from Google Chrome:

1. Click the wrench icon and select Bookmark Manager
2. Click the Tools menu and select Export Bookmarks
3. Save it as HTML file

(You can follow the similar to above steps to export IE and Safari bookmarks)

Now, You need to import these bookmarks into the Firefox Bookmarks, You will not have any straight option to Import Bookmark in Google Bookmarks. To do this you need Google Toolbar. Till today Google Chrome doesn’t have a  supported Google Toolbar. Hence you will need to perform this workaround.

1. Click on the “Bookmarks” menu from the Firefox menu bar
2. Select and click the “Organize Bookmark” Sub Menu
3. Click on the “Import and Backup” menu from the top and select “Import html” Sub Menu
5. Select “From an HTML File” option from the Import Wizard
6. Select the saved html file that you have exported from Google or IE or any other Browser
7. It will take time to import depending on the size of your html file
8. All your bookmark should now appear in the Firefox Bookmark Menu

Now you need to import this into Google Bookmark. To do this …

a. Download and install Goole Toolbar for FireFox into the Firefox browser
b. Once you install successfully, you should see the toolbar appear in top of the Firefox browser
c. Click on the “Sign In” button and login using your Google ID and Password (That you use to login to Google Bookmarks of course)
d. Click on the “Bookmarks” menu from the Google Toolbar and select “Import Firefox Bookmarks
e. All your Firefox bookmark will now start getting imported into Google Bookmarks
f. When done do not forget to click on the “Import” button on the Google Bookmark page to save all the bookmarks
g. Now You will see all the Bookmark and Tags appear in the left side explorer bar in Google Bookmarks page
To verify all your Firefox bookmarkes are successfully imported into Google Bookmarks
1. Perform the steps from d-g you should see the message “No bookmarks to import” in the Google Bookmark page.

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2 Responses to How to Import Chrome, IE, Firefox Bookmarks into Google Bookmarks

  1. niraj says:

    is there a way to synchronize firefox bookmarks with google bookmarks, something similar to xmarks ??

  2. Administrator says:

    Probably you need GMarks, it helps sync bookmarks with Google Bookmarks.

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