Important Things to Carry for Trip / Vacation

I have been planning couple of tours in last few years. I thought of sharing my experience for last minute packing checklist of important things that are helpful. It could save your time and money while you are vacationing.

Things you should carry is typically based on the type of places that you are visiting. For example, if you are going to a beach you must carry a swim suit as you may go into the water. If you are going for a hilly area you must carry a light jacket even in the summer. So these are the important list of items for all type of vacation … I’m glad to hear from you if anything I’m missing out here.

  1. Flip flop shoes
  2. Sunscreen lotion
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Hat / Cap ( I always carry couple of them to take snaps 🙂 )
  5. Extra dress while going to beach
  6. Light jacket for hilly area even in the summer
  7. Medicine (Analgesic / Antacids / Nausea / Paracetamol)  (very very important)
  8. Camera
  9. Waist fit bag where you can put your mobile camera etc
  10. Water Bottle (I carry a smaller bottle (500 ml) )
  11. Extra Camera Battery
  12. Video Camera
  13. Ziploc Bags
  14. Air-ticket Printout (If you are flying with e-tickets)
  15. All Hotel and reservation print out
  16. Pen
  17. Mosquito Repellent (You never know what one mosquito can do to a man … 🙂 )
  18. Handkerchief
  19. Paper Napkins
  20. Post It!
  21. Own Lock and Key ( Helpful in case you see your hotel room is less secure, or you want to keep safe your belongings)
  22. Bag locks 4 nos ( for your belongings when you keep it in the rented car or in the hotel room)
  23. Mobile Charger
  24. Camera Charger
  25. Activate mobile roaming services in case your service provider did not  enable auto roaming for your mobile
  26. Liquor/Cigarette (If you planning to booze while you are in the vacation, some places you won’t get alcohol or you need to pay double the price of a brand that you might not prefer. Carry your brand with you if you can. I’m not encouraging you to drink and smoke… however if you are planning then I would suggest to  carry with you if you are not sure of the places and availability)
  27. Air Sickness Bag (If you know of any person traveling with you have travel sickness then, carry couple of air sickness bags. These could be really helpful as you don’t want to dingy the seat of rented car that you are traveling. The driver might throw you out if you do so inside the car … I’m sure that  going to ruin your travel. If you are traveling by Air, then you can collect these bags from your front seat bag as well, it’s yours)
  28. Paper Plate
  29. Universal (America , Europe, Asia Adapter) converter (Plug for your Camera, Mobile etc).  If you are  from UK then you might need another type of adapter to fit into round type Asian plug when you visit any Asian countries
  30. Shaver (very important to look smart and clean in the snaps )
  31. Small Scissor
  32. Small Calculator
  33. Pain relief Cream or spray
  34. Keep your house key in a safe place (Probably in zipped pocket in your bag where you can remember and locate easily. You bag will be messy when you come back from the trip and your want to save couple of minutes to search for your house key
  35. Tour map
  36. Expense Track print out sheet (If you are planning to track the expenses taken care individually)
  37. Any ?
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