ORANGEVILLE G2 (G1 Exit) Driving Test ALL ROUTEs – Pass Your G2 Exam On 1st Attempt – Step By Step



In addition to the above videos we offer GPS coordinates for easy driving and the Yellow marking schema sheet which is 9 pages long to help you assist further.

Driving schools charges upwards of $400 for few hours of practicing in the real test route. You can get this map for the price of a cup of coffee and practice several times before going to your real exam test.

Let your phone GPS guide you so you can practice your driving without having to memorize the route. Let your phone worry about guiding so you can focus on driving!

Driving school lessons cost about $60 per hour. For less than 1/10th of that you can practise whenever you want and however many times you want!


All Four Routes GPS Coordinates:


and Complete 9 Pages Yellow Driving Schema Sample:

GPS Guide Road Map Route and Yellow Marking Schema: is for $31.99 but pay

ONLY  $7.99 CAD (Over 75% discount).

Pay securely using Paypal or Credit Card. You will receive the delivery by email within 2-6 hours or before after successful payment.

Save hundreds of dollars by practicing yourself with our map.

Fill the form below, and you can start practicing your test within hours. If you prefer to Intrac e-transfer, you can email at, and we will send you details to complete the process.

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Are you a driving school?
No. We simply offer tips and assist people do their own practice within the legal limits of what is allowed in Ontario.


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