Things To Know When You move to a New Country – Part 2

  1. If you already have a job offer you will know your office location in the new country. If not make sure you get your office location which is very important to know for making decision on where you are going to live.
  2. Once you have your office location. You can do more research on the location you are going to stay. Use Google Map Street View to check out nearby locations. Use Bing map to see  Bird Eye view of the place.
  3. Take a look at the nearby Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Doctors Clinics, Theatres, Grocery Stores, Bus Stand, Airport, etc. Try to take a place nearby these places. Even though if you drive a car it will save both time and money in commuting.  Try to take your home no more than 10 kms from your office.  I’ve seen people spending 2 hours to commute from their office each way to save $200 in rent. Do your cost benefit analysis before you finalize where you are going to put up.
  4. If you have kids then make sure you check the country or rental policy whether you are allowed to rent one bedroom. Some of them have a policy that you have to rent two bedroom house even though if you have a small baby.
  5. If you have kids then you need to find out school as well.
  6. If your spouse is not in a mainstream professional and willing to work as a part time. Then there is an advantage of taking a place close by a shopping malls as your spouse can work temporarily in mall as a part time worker. Even though you pay few hundred dollars more in rent by choosing a place close by the shopping mall your spouse will make that money as well as your spouse will not get bored by sitting idle at home most of the time.
  7. Search in Google for several condos, apartment for rental. Go through those web sites to check typical amount of rent.
  8. If you don’t have enough time to search for a good accommodations then reach out to the agent or broker who’ll get you an accommodation for a percentage of your first month rental. Typically, they charge somewhere between 15 days to 1 month rent as their fee. Also, in some countries renters don’t even pay anything. All broker commissions are bourned by the owner.
  9. Important:  Find a friend or relative who is already staying in that country. They can provide you most reliable information which you are looking for. Even though you initially think you don’t have anyone there you might be surprised by checking in social networking site like Facebook to see you friend’s friend is already staying there. You never know. Reach out to them if possible.
  10. Be careful on government rules and regulations and always abide by the law. Do not take chances. You will end up in unnecessary tension and burden when you have to look up on several other things on settling down.

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