Things To Know When You move to a New Country – Part 3

  1. If you are not taking a furnished house or condo then you need to buy all necessary furniture like bed, mattress, sofa, coffee table, TV stand, side table, dining table, kitchen accessories, dressing table, etc. If you are looking for cheap and reliable stuff then IKEA ( probably would be the best option. They have stores in most of the countries. IKEA furniture comes in a small packages which you can assemble at your home without any assistance from a professional furniture guy.
  2. In case if you cannot invest a lot of money on the furniture right way, you can probably try to look in donation stores in available nearby. There are well known donation store like Salvation Army Thrift Store, Good Will, etc.
  3. You’ll probably little bit tensed about setting down to the new place. This is normal. I would say if you don’t have tension then there is something wrong. Be positive and everything will falls into the place.
  4. Important: You might think that you are the smartest person in the world and you know everything. But always try to network with other people in the new place. Talk to them be friend them. You’ll wonder how many thing you don’t know and how many different ways of doing thing then currently being done by you. Networking will increase confidence in you and you’ll feel safe and secure in the new place.
  5. Help others whenever possible. There is a saying “Help others to Help yourself”
  6. Keep Passport size photos of you and your family handy. In several place you will be asked to provide passport size photos.
  7. If you are planning to drive when you arrive in the new place then make sure you get your international driving license from your home country. Check if your international driving license if accepted in the new country.
  8. A GPS device will be good gift in a new country. Always carry a portable GPS device. Nowadays a smart phone has GPS by default, make use if it.
  9. Get expensive stuff from home country. In north America, leather shoes, over the counter medicine, inner wear, eye glasses can be very expensive.
  10. Carry necessary medicines along with you from your home country. Get prescription if you have a medicine prescribed by your physician. Cary over the counter medicines like paracetamol, body ache, headache, energy booster vitamins, antacid, etc.

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