Things To Know When You move to a New Country – Part 4

  1. Don’t carry any seeds and pickle when you travel by air. You might get into problem in customs.
  2. Do your research on mobile phone providers in the new country before you come to the new place. You can save money by doing your research about the best tariff and best value service even before you come. When you land get the phone connection as soon as possible. If you are roaming with your home country phone then you might run into hefty amount in roaming bill. Many post paid connections needs proper identity documentation and address proof. So it might be hard to get a post paid connection when you arrive. Instead get a pre-paid connection and later you can keep the same number but change to the post paid. Even you can change your service provider and keep the same number. Most of the countries and service provider has the number portability feature.
  3. You’ll need a VOIP (Voice Over IP) service to call your home country in a cheapest possible way. There hundreds of VOIP service provider like Skype, Google Voice, Locaphone, Freecall (they allow free calls to many different countries).
  4. Take Internet connection. It will be very helpful in searching your several queries you might have. Right from nearby restaurant or shopping mall, etc. You know what I mean.
  5. Carry your laptop.
  6. Open a safety deposit box in the bank when possible. You don’t know the crime rate and theft happening in that place. Keep your important documents like passport and jewellery in the safety deposit box or locker. Find out about the availability with your bank.
  7. Understand the currency and denomination of the money. I was initially confused about the US dollars as all the bills looks similar to me initially. I was not able to figure out a penny, dome and a quarter. Make sure understand them well. Keep all the denominations with you for learning. Else you might end up paying more than you are supposed to. Just in case.
  8. If you want to drive a rental car use your credit card which covers the LDW Loss Damage Waiver insurance. You don’t have to purchase this expensive insurance separately when you use your credit card to pay for car rental.
  9. Make sure all your travel documents, visa, passport, air ticket, hotel reservation in order. Double check and triple check to confirm.
  10. Buy a shopping cart which is available most of the big departmental store and Walmart stores. You’ll have several things to buy and need to put lots of physical effort. So use a cart to move things and save your energy because you’ll need more…trust me.

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