Things To Know When You move to a New Country – Part 5

  1. Know the weather at the place you are going to. Just Google “weather + place name”
  2. Check the difference in timezone.
  3. Be prepared to deal with jet lag if you are flying for a long distance.
  4. If English is not the first language of that country or place then learn few necessary and basic words of the national language of the country. I picked up few French words before visiting Quebec City. Those words helped me a lot. In fact the locals were very happy when I used “Merci” which means “Thank You” in French.
  5. Get your medical insurance. Ask details on how to get medical insurance from you company. In some countries you need a government issued health card.
  6. Always carry Post It or a note book and a pen.
  7. Keep phone numbers of Taxi services. You might need it anytime.
  8. Remember and keep note of emergency phone numbers like police, fire, etc.
  9. Buy a printer if you think you need to take print out of several important documents e.g. forms, immigration document, etc. when you land in the new country.
  10. Check local deals website, flyers, and discount coupons before you buy stuff. This will save you a lot of money. If you see a really good deals then buy in bulk for future use.

Hope this information is somewhat useful to you. Wish you best of luck in settling down to your new place. In case if you have any questions or suggestions you can let me know by providing your comments below.

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  1. mona says:

    “An idea can change your life”- your idea for helping people this way……..a gr8 idea itself….keep it DOING EVER…………


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