Tips on Selecting Houseboat in Kerala

  • When selecting houseboat first make sure how many persons are traveling together. There are single bed room , two and three bed room houseboats. Most of the houseboat check-in time is 12 noon and checkout time is next morning around 9:30 am (22 Hours).
  • Then decide which category of houseboat you need. There are Deluxe and Premium houseboat. Premium is costly as it has a upper deck. Deluxe house boat will cost approx Rs. 10000. Premium house will be another Rs 3000-5000 more.
  • Then decide which season you are traveling. If it is off season then you are eligible for up to Rs. 2000 discount than the peak season price. Negotiate with the operator before you book. If you don’t say it you won’t get it.
  • Then select the operator based on their service and certification. A houseboat fulfilling all essential conditions prescribed by the Department of Tourism and another five of the ten optional conditions will be awarded the status of Gold Star. Those fulfilling the essential conditions will be awarded the Silver Star.

Visit this url to see silver and gold certified house oat operator certified by Kerala Govt:

Get the following queries clarified if you directly booking the houseboat:

  1. How many bedroom Houseboat?
  2. Per day house boat rate?
  3. AC or Non AC?
  4. Offseason rate?
  5. Veg or Non Veg food ?
  6. Alleppy – Alleppy round trip tour or some other tour?
  7. Is there any additional tax or it’s the whole package rate including food?
  8. Cancellation Policy?
  9. Pay by cash or Credit card? (They sometimes ask you to pay 2 % service charge extra on credit card. Never ever agree to pay this amount. It should be borne by the merchant as we all aware of it)
  10. How much advance amount to be paid for reservation? (Typically 25% of the whole amount)
  11. Address of the house boat operator? (You need this to reach and board the houseboat )
  12. Ask to send (email) you the itinerary plan including food menu they are going to provide onboard.
Alleppy House Boat.JPG

Alleppy Houseboat

Kerala Houseboat 4.JPG

Alleppy Backwater

Kerala Houseboat.JPG

Alleppy Houseboat

Some of the leading house boat operators are:

  1. Lakes and Lagoons –
  2. Rainbow Cruises –
  3. Dream Boats –
  4. Morning Mist –
  5. Pulickattil –
  6. River Queen –
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  1. cheers very much, I must comment that your site is excellent!

  2. Luther Duncan says:

    I have spent 2 days with my family in one of the houseboats in Kerala. It’s really an amazing experience. Kerala food is delicious. Especially the “Karimeen”.

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